Teacher Freebie – Surfing into Second Grade

School starts in two days – YIKES!  Who doesn’t like those really cute bulletin boards? Here’s my first bulletin board from last year. The kids had a great time making it, and LOVED seeing themselves “surfing.”

I will include the two pages that go with it for FREE here.

The bottom photo shows a close-up of each child with their surfboard, and their accompanying sheet.


Here’s what I did:  The cloud bulletin board paper is sold at Michael’s (pretty, isn’t it?). The bottom part is just dark blue paper. When I took photos of the kids, I told them to pretend they were surfing. They decorated their own surfboard (see below), and then filled out a sheet that says, “_______is ready to SURF into ________.” (see below). Because I like 3-D bulletin boards, I cut apart a wave border, and made it stand out. Then I just crumbled some tissue paper. It was a little tedious to cut out each child’s photo, but it was worth it! 


Here is the surfboard for the kids to color. Let them get out those markers they love!  I printed these out on card stock, and there’s two to a page. Click the image to view and save. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.35.39 PM

Here is the page to go with it. It also has two to a page. Click the image to view and save.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.34.36 PM

This bulletin board was up on Back to School Night, and the parents thought it was adorable! 


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