A Fun Surprise at a book signing!

I had a great weekend at Peddler’s Village this weekend for a book selling/signing event. The weather Saturday was beautiful, and the weather on Sunday was cold and windy….did I mention windy! Things were blowing all around, and Christina and I (the other author there -http://ChristinaPaul.webs.com) were catching things left and right from our tables!

The best thing that happened was a REAL ladybug landed on my stuffed ladybug. It was the coolest thing, and I took a photo right away! HOW COOL IS THAT???


They say ladybugs are a blessing, and I was blessed that so many families liked A BUG AND A WISH, because I sold lots of books!



2 thoughts on “A Fun Surprise at a book signing!

  1. Even though we froze out bippies off, we still had fun. It was wonderful seeing you and working with you again. Wish I had been there to see the lady bugs meeting in person, but I’m glad you were able to get the photo. It was a one in a million shot.

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