Those Last two weeks of school!

IMG_1626The last two weeks of school can be crazy, to say the least. I saw this idea where a teacher had a balloon pop at the end of each day. The teacher didn’t mention WHAT was in each balloon, so I decided to post this to tell what I did.

I had the balloons up when they kids came in on Monday morning (10 days left of school). Of course every hour they kept asking what they were for, but I told them they would find out at the end of the day. When 3:25 PM came, I explained that this would be a behavior incentive (a bribe to us teachers 🙂 ), and the students who could be in control would be participating in a special activity the following day.

They wanted to know WHO would actually get to decide which balloon to pop. (Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that) Then someone said, “I think the kids that have always behaved all year should decide,” and we all shook our heads in agreement. So I called on someone to choose the first color, and you could have heard a pin drop as the student was deciding!

The balloon they choose had “free choice for Morning work,” and they all cheered. So instead of doing a morning work paper for the following school day, the kids were allowed to basically have indoor recess for 20 minutes.

The next day, there were two students who couldn’t keep it under control and they were not allowed to participate for the following day. Guess what? After that, everyone was pretty good!

Inside the balloons were:

~Free choice for Morning Work

~No homework

~Mrs. Scheuer brings in Freeze Pops for you

~Extra recess

~Use a pen all day

~Game Day (bring in a game from home, and instead of Morning work, they played)

~No shoes in the classroom

~Sit with a friend all day

~Movie (I brought in 3 G-rated movies, and we voted)

~Wear Sunglasses all day

This was definitely a hit, and a no-brainer! My only cost was the $2.50 for the Freeze Pops.

What do think the favorite activity was with second graders?  Using a pen all day! I love it!


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