A nice surprise – Author of the month!

My publishing company, SBPRA, just named their February author of the month, and guess what? It’s me! This is a nice honor. It’s too big to take a screen shot, so here is the link:  🙂



A Fun Surprise at a book signing!

I had a great weekend at Peddler’s Village this weekend for a book selling/signing event. The weather Saturday was beautiful, and the weather on Sunday was cold and windy….did I mention windy! Things were blowing all around, and Christina and I (the other author there -http://ChristinaPaul.webs.com) were catching things left and right from our tables!

The best thing that happened was a REAL ladybug landed on my stuffed ladybug. It was the coolest thing, and I took a photo right away! HOW COOL IS THAT???


They say ladybugs are a blessing, and I was blessed that so many families liked A BUG AND A WISH, because I sold lots of books!


My September Bulletin Board Just Came Down – It was out of this world!

I just took my September bulletin board down. It was so adorable – in fact, it was “out of this world.”


If you click the first photo, you’ll actually see me to the left of the word “of.” I must admit, I look pretty scary as an alien!!

I took photos of the kids using the Photo Booth on the MacBook Pro. It took me so long to take each kid’s picture, because they were laughing so much! I then had them color the body of an alien (from coloringkids.org.)

alien-coloring-pages-13After they colored the body, I glued the photos over the head. My daughter, Danae, made the letters on her Cricut machine – which is a really cool machine. (Something I wish I had when I was a new teacher).

I LOVE 3-D bulletin boards, so I attached a pipe cleaner with tape to the back of the alien head, and then stapled the pipe cleaner to the bulletin board. The Kids loved it, and it was also up for Back to School Night, so the parents got to see it too!


Beautiful weather for a book signing event this Saturday, September 20th


If you are going to be at Peddler’s Village (New Hope, PA) for the Scarecrow Festival this Saturday, September 20th, I will be doing a book signing/selling event for A BUG AND A WISH outside of the Canterbury Tales Forever Bookstore from 10:30 – 4:00 PM. It’s supposed to be beautiful weather….if you are there, please stop by and say hello! (The bookstore is right near the parking lot for the Cock-n-Bull Restaurant)